Dr. Pullstart

Outdoor Power Specialists

Dr. PullStart's adventures started over 30 years ago in the garage of my parents.  I was in my early teens when I developed an obsession for small engines and specifically go-karts.  As I grew older my passion for cars and carts just grew stronger.  While the market for doing this full-time was practical in my hometown, I would continue to refurbish equipment as a secondary form of income.  My mechanical aptitude for working on small engines got me a job in my early 20s as an industrial maintenance mechanic which led me to a 25-year career in managing industrial trades.  This career led me to Shell Rock, IA, a beautiful town in northeast Iowa.  The one thing I discovered in this area is that small engine parts and services were difficult to find.  Especially parts.  I realized that there was a market here for my experience.  So Dr. PullStart was started!

The name Dr. PullStart came from a customer who had me repair his walk-behind mower.  After the repair was finished and it started on the first pull, he said he should have brought it to me years ago.  It would have saved him many chiropractic and doctor visits as a result of trying to get that old mower to run.  We had a laugh and the inspiration for Dr. PullStart was born... 

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