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If your motorcycle, go-kart, or golf cart requires engine repairs due to damage, it is crucial to find a reliable professional who can provide the necessary parts and promptly fix them.  At Dr. PullStart Outdoor Power Specialists, we specialize in repairing golf carts and go-karts, ensuring that your vehicles are in capable hands.  Located in Shell Rock, IA, near Cedar Falls, IA, our shop offers top-notch repair services for a wide range of recreational vehicles.  Trust us to deliver high-quality repairs for your beloved vehicles.

Recreational Equipment We Service

In addition to providing repairs for your golf cart, go-kart, or motorcycle, you can rely on us for much more. We are also capable of:

If you require repairs for your golf cart or go-kart, please visit our shop or get in touch with us today. We offer a complimentary estimate either through a phone call or in-person consultation.

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